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Vomiting is most often a sign of a viral stomach bug. Some children also vomit when they have fevers. If your child is vomiting, it is best not to try to give them anything by mouth until they have not had any vomiting for at least 30 minutes. Most children will not vomit for more than a few hours. It is common for children to initially vomit food and then, as their stomach contents have emptied, vomit clear or yellow liquid. The biggest concern with a vomiting child is maintaining hydration. The best indicator of hydration in a child is urine output. In general, if a child is reasonably well hydrated they will void at least every 6 hours (possibly longer overnight).

Once the vomiting has stopped for 30 minutes, you can begin the process of slowly rehydrating your child. You may offer clear liquids such as Pedialyte, breast milk, or diluted juice in tiny volumes to start. Start with a teaspoon or 2 every 3-5 minutes. If there is no vomiting over 20-30 minutes, you can increase to 1/2-1 ounce every few minutes. Continue to advance slowly. If at any point your child begins vomiting again, wait 30 minutes and start over, going even more slowly. Children who have been vomiting are often thirsty, but if they drink too quickly, they will very likely begin vomiting again. If your child is unable to keep fluids down in spite of very slow rehydration, or if there is blood in the vomit, please call the office.

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